asisi Panorama International

Asisi Panorama International GmbH company manages as the general agency the national and international development of Yadegar Asisi’s panoramic art.


asisi Panorama International

Asisi Panorama International

The Asisi Panorama International GmbH supports the international orientation of Yadegar Asisi’s panorama art and accompanies partners throughout the entire process of realization and running of the asisi Panorama.

Chronology of panoramas


A visual pleasure of great aesthetic quality that fascinates the onlooker. The physical experience alone of standing in the very midst of a monumental painting is overwhelming.

Yadegar Asisi

Yadegar Asisi beim Zeichnen

The artist and architect, Yadegar Asisi, builds large panoramas turning our 21st century culture of looking entirely on its head. Thanks to painstaking research and a love of detail, he reconstructs past worlds that literally suck in the visitor, giving him/her the intense feeling of what it might have been like to be at the actual location.

»Looking inspires us to take a closer look at our environment. The panorama allows us to rediscover what it means to observe in a self-determined manner.« Yadegar Asisi

Panorama art in the 21st century brings together realistic impressions and effects to create a spectacular visual experience. The name Yadegar Asisi stands for 360° installations that take possession of entire spaces. As an architect and painter, Asisi creates the visual space for an impressive artistic experience. The themes he deals with allow a broad public to access and grapple with science and art in a way that inspires people across cultural boundaries.
A personal encounter in the Pergamon Panorama in Berlin gave birth to the idea of a partnership between art and management, which came to fruition in the foundation of Asisi Panorama International GmbH. The company manages the internationally aligned projects of the artist as well as the various partnership models.
Asisi Panorama International GmbH
Kurfürstendamm 46

10707 Berlin

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