Millions of visitors have already been to see the works of the artist Yadegar Asisi, which he is currently presenting in Leipzig, DresdenBerlin, Pforzheim, Rouen and Wittenberg.

The architect and artist Yadegar Asisi has brought the almost forgotten medium of the 19th century back to life.

Invented in the late 18th Century, the panorama was the first mass medium and the nucleus of the modern media: photography, film and animation. With the triumph of the new possibilities and technical inventions the panorama fell into oblivion.

Today a public of millions has been uniquely inspired by his circular walk-in pictures that cannot fail to touch the emotions of those who see them.

»The power of illusion of the 360° panorama medium used by asisi is unmatched.«
Reinhold Messner

Fall 2017 AMAZONIA – the fascination of the tropical rain forest, in Hannover
January 2017 TITANIC – The promise of modernity, in Leipzig
Fall 2016 LUTHER 1517 – a highlight of the Luther Year 2017, in Wittenberg
Since 2016 ROUEN 1431 – The era of Joan of Arc, in Rouen (France)
2015 – 2017 GREAT BARRIER REEF – The magical world of the coral reef
Since 2015 DRESDEN 1945 – tragedy and hope of a European city
2013 – 2015 LEIPZIG 1813 – amidst the confusion of the battle of the nations
2012 EVEREST – an experience between expedition and tradition
Since 2012 BAROQUE DRESDEN – the myth of the royal city of Saxony
Since 2012 THE WALL – the asisi panorama of the divided city of Berlin
2009 – 2012 AMAZONIA – the fascination of the tropical rain forest
2011 – 2012 PERGAMON – panorama of the ancient metropolis. Special exhibition in cooperation with the Collection of Classical Antiquities of the “Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin” with a monumental 360° panorama in the Pergamon Museum
Since 2011 ROME 312 – Experience the eternal city.
2009 – 2012 AMAZONIA – Yadegar Asisi’s magical picture of nature.
2006 – 2011 1756 DRESDEN – myth of the baroque royal seat.
2005 – 2008 ROME CCCXII. 360°-Panorama at the asisi Panometer in Leipzig.
2003 – 2005 8848EVEREST360°. Himalaya panorama as a pilot project in the asisi Panometer in Leipzig
2002 South Sea Dreams and Plant Hunters. Panoramic pictures for the »Weimar Gartenlust« exhibition
2002 World Trade Center, New York. Panorama for Daniel Libeskind, competition to rebuild the WTC
2000 Hanseatic panorama exhibiton in Bremen, Herford and on the island of Rügen
1999 Hommage to Daniel Buren. Panorama segment in Weimar
1996 Europa panoramas in Hanover (VW)
1995 Berlin 2005 – Cityvision. Five panoramas in cooperation with Stern magazin in Berlin
Panorama of Rome in the year 312 as a scenic reconstruction of a circular painting in the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn designed by Bühlmann/Wagner in 1888
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